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What We Do

V [ a - f a i r ] is a global art consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada. We combine creative vision, art expertise, and a modern design sensibility to curate timeless art collections and programs for international retail, corporate, hospitality, and private clients.


We are a partner, offering support and services from initial art concept through design, project management, and fulfillment.


Two fundamental principles lie at the core of our success — highly collaborative client relationships and our ability to source “the unexpected.” We enjoy the challenge of creating vibrant collections for new clients and revitalizing collections for established partners.


V [ a - f a i r ] has developed art consulting projects of many stripes and scopes, but we are the only firm in the Western B.C. Canada with experience in handling major corporate projects. We have overseen the development and management of collections of over 3000 works of art.


A list of the types of projects we have been and are currently involved with:

  • Major art solicitation programs for not-for-profit organizations.
  • In-house galleries showing museum-quality rotating exhibitions lecture and  programs
  • Art exhibits and interactive programs
  • Deaccession or resale of valuable or donated art.
  • Curating & sourcing
  • Acquisition & de-acquisition strategy
  • Art investment management
  • Commissioned paintings & sculpture
  • Collection documentation & valuation
  • Custom developed artwork


Operations and Services:


V [ a - f a i r ] is a business-to-business company and provides a full range of services for corporate art collections and private buyers. Our business connects clients with artwork that suits their facilities, their interests, and reflects their corporate mission. We are experts at art selection, framing, shipping and handling.


What is in Our Collections:


Our artwork is sourced directly from artists around Canada, the U.S. and Europe - artists we have known and admired over the past 20 years. Through us, you also have the option of commissioning works from artists. We will be adding more artworks and artists regularly, so visit periodically to see new works from your favorite artists or to discover new pieces.


Cultural Exchanges and International Salons:


While our portfolio of services is geared towards corporate clients and private buyers, we are also partnered with non-profits and state institutions. We have experience in bringing together several entities for the purpose of commercial and non-commercial salon style exhibitions. In addition, we provide our partners expertise and contacts in creating international exhibitions and cross-cultural artistic and commercial exchanges. Here is a brief list of exhibitions where the V [ a - f a i r ] has been a central partner:


  • 2014 Guiyang Cultural Exchange
  • 2015 Guiyang Artists in Vancouver
  • 2015 Tianjin Pacific Rim Cultural Exchange
  • 2016 Shanghai Pacific Rim Cultural Exchange
  • 2016 Vancouver Pacific Rim Cultural Exchange(Guiyang artists)


Our capacity in these exhibitions was one of organization and coordination with trans-pacific partners; local, regional, and national governments, artistic institutions, commercial corporations, and non-profit art organizations. We worked with our partners in sourcing collections, creating exhibition programs, shipping, installation, and point of contact for the various actors involved.


In sum from concept to execution, the V [ a - f a i r ] is an enthusiastic partner, experienced organizer, and operator for all your artistic and commercial projects.