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Art Consulting

We provide professional art consulting services tailored to your needs

Rental and Presentation

Weather setting up a property for sale, furnishing your home or offices, or creating an exhibition event V [ a - f a i r ] offers experienced curator services that best fit your needs and objectives. We have decades of experience in putting together art and cultural events for corporate, state, and private clients. As well as a long relationship with private collectors and corporate clients in furnishing work spaces, homes, and adding that cultured touch to any space.

Customers with established collections

Do you have art works in your possession? Are you unsure as to what to do with them?

Then the V [ a - f a i r ] services can be of use to you. We have decades of experience in processing art collections from clients with multiple needs and objectives.

Here is how we can help you:

  • Assessment of art collections: We can established value for your current collection at market prices and offer advice on sale, resale, and other assessment services. Your collection is an asset, let us help you get the most of it.
  • Our experience within the art world can be yours: We can work to put you in touch with artists you admire and want more of. If you are looking to bolster your collection, we are there to provide assistance. From framing, handling, to maintenance we are eager to share our expertise and enjoy finding the right piece or artist for you.
  • Placement, curation, and customized taste: If you have a collection but are unsure of how to display your works, contact us, we have extensive experience in this regard and can help you show your collection in the best possible light.