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Victor Gligor

Here is a bit about Victor Gligor in his own words:

"I was born in Romania spending my youth in Transylvania one of the most beautiful and
multicultural regions of Europe.

I discovered quite early my passion for painting and I enrolled myself in the School of Art
in my home town Sibiu. Although I dreamed of becoming an artist I pursued a carrier in
engineering and presently I am a Professional Engineer, with over 30 years of
experience in Romania, Germany and Canada.

My love for art, combined with my education in science and engineering are very
beneficial in my case, bringing me rewards and satisfaction on both fields.

In my country of origin, and after immigrating to Canada I participated in Group artist
exhibitions and solo art shows. Every day I continue to discover the uniqueness and
beauty of Western Canada landscape and the diversity of the nature surrounding us. 

The main objective of my paintings is to capture colors, forms, mood and atmosphere.
Nature has always energized me: the movement of a lake, the imposing presence of
trees or mountains, etc. it feeds my entire spirit and inspires me to channel my
perceptions onto my work.

I invite viewers to participate emotionally in discovering the beauty, majesty and the
uniqueness of the nature using their own imagination."

If you would like to see more of Victor's works, please visit his website, found here.