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Bob Gunning

Here is about Bob Gunning in his own words:

"The first is my passion for totem poles, particularly the mortuary poles of Haida Gwaii.  The mortuary poles were created to be the burial places of the chiefs of the Haida tribes.  At the village of Ninstints, where most of the poles I paint were located, only a handful of these poles still stand.  The belief of the Haida is that the spirit of the chief buried in the top of the pole has entered the pole and will only be released when the pole decays and returns to the earth.  Preserving these poles through art is among the few ways that future generations will see and understand them.    

My other great love is gardening.  I love the colors of flowers, the excitment of vivid hues in the everyday things we touch and love.  I hope to bring some of that joy into your lives with the paintings that I create. "